Success Stories

Success Story

I was feeling major discomfort throughout my back which was increasingly getting worse.  At the worst point, it got to be to where I couldn’t sleep at night and no matter what I did it felt like my back constantly needed to be stretched or cracked.  I had a very positive outlook towards getting treatment and I know that I was in good hands.  My treatments have been easy and painless and I’ve achieved a good amount of progress in fixing my scoliosis.  I have managed to dramatically straighten my spine since beginning chiropractic care (thanks to the docs!)  Most of the benefits I’ve experienced come from being able to sleep or sit down without the discomfort and getting back to a more active lifestyle. Chiropractic care has helped me a lot in the last few months and I strongly recommend them to anyone experiencing problems. 

-Joel 3-18-15

My husband and I just came back from vacation to Door County, Wisconsin for three days.  We were walking in the stores in Door County up and down the hill and streets until late at night.  Dr. Nick has done wonders for my husband and I.  I have done acupuncture in the 70’s that gave relief that only lasted 24 to 72 hours.  [Since beginning treatment] I don’t get tired as much.  I look forward to coming to Dr. Nick the two days out of the week.

-Linda 10/13/14

The reason for beginning chiropractic care was pain in my right leg.  It was so bad, I could not sleep at night, it hurt to stand, sit and lay down.  My previous attitude with chiropractic was not good.  Treatments for my lower back did not help.  Since beginning chiropractic care the pain is gone from my leg, I can sleep, set, stand and walk.  It has made my life much better all around. 

-Alex 9-22-11

My neck was really bad and I was getting headaches.  I went to another chiropractor when I was at Marshall Fields.  Even though I had been to chiropractic I have had the best results with Dr. Nick.  The progress has been good and I have a lot more energy.  Dr. Nick is a very good Doctor. 

-Linda 7-27-11

I was exposed to Chiropractic care at a community event.  I went for a free screening and found I was in Stage II.  At the beginning it was the worst or even when I couldn’t come in due to travel.  I was sore and tender at times.  Previously I had not experienced chiropractic because I felt like it was for those with a special diagnosis.  The treatment has been wonderful!  I have great progress.  I am sleeping better and have increased awareness of posture. 

-Aurelia 8-9-11

I began chiropractic care for treatment with my asthma.  At its worst I was hospitalized 4 times.  It was annoying having to go back and forth to the hospital and I didn’t like having asthma.  In the past I have taken medicine such as Advair, Albuteral, Singulair and Flovent and I have don’t acupuncture.  I have not been wheezing as much as I used to do.  And when I do sports I don’t run out of breath as fast.  My asthma has gotten better and my colds aren’t as severe.  The people in the office are very welcoming. 

-Solome 12-28-10

I began chiropractic care after an injury at work and intermittent pain from pinched nerve.  The work injury caused recurring stiffness and soreness (about 4 on a scale of 1-10).  The pinched nerve was much more uncomfortable causing inability to turn my neck in either direction.  I did not like the way previous chiropractors “tugged and yanked” at my head and neck.  Dr. Mendez certainty and assurance made the treatments accessible.  In the past I have done physical therapy which did work but only as long as I went but once I stopped the pain would resurface.  Since coming to Complete Chiropractic and Rehab I have had increased range of motion, increased flexibility, decreased back, shoulder and neck pain and decreased headaches. I have also had better digestion, increased range of motion and improvement in sleep. 

-Stacey 12-10

I began chiropractic care with Dr. Mendez in February of 2010 for chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, poor sleep habits, irritability and ringing in ears.  I was dependent on Motrin to manage my headaches.  I was often irritable and exhausted at the end of my day.  Short term treatments were helpful, but symptoms returned when treatment ended (2-5 appointments).  In the past I had done monthly massages, medicine (Motrin), some physiotherapy and occasionally chiropractic-all of which gave short term relief.  After 6 months, chronic headaches have completely gone!  I still get stress evoked headaches but Dr. Mendez even treats these.  The ringing in my ears is gone.  I have less strain in my neck area.  I have an improved well-being!  I sleep better and am less irritable.  I feel better about myself and no longer like with chronic pain.  Dr. Mendez has changed my life for the better and taught me that chiropractic care takes time and consistent adjustments every week.   

Rachelle 8/3/10

I began chiropractic care for lower back pain that made it hard to walk.  I wasn’t able to interact with outdoor activities with my son and became depressed.  I truly believed a chiropractor couldn’t help and it was fake.  Since beginning chiropractic care I’ve lost some weight, I’m able to walk 2 miles plus every day and I’m able to walk with my children outside.  The benefit of seeing a chiropractor also has allowed me to have more energy to do things.

-Valerie 11/17/11

I knew that something was wrong with me for the longest time but didn’t know what.  My child ran across Complete Chiropractic and Rehab at a screening.  I was VERAY SKEPTICAL and did not want to come in.  I would get migraine headaches, back aches and neck pain.  I was starting to get moody, short tempered.  I felt “out of whack” and unlike my cheery smiley self.    I had absolutely no idea what chiropractic care was, what it was about or how life changing it could be.  Past treatments have been meditation, prayer, yoga and working out to treat the symptoms but not the cause.  Since beginning chiropractic care, oh my God!  A complete change of LIFE!  No more migraines, aches, or pains and I’m back to MYSLEF spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally.  I LOVE chiropractic care. I have learned so much from the staff at CCR about subluxations and how it effects the body.  They truly have given me “ME” back!  I am forever grateful.  I love the staff.  I love chiropractic care and will be coming her for the rest of my life. 

-Angela 12/8/11

The reason for beginning chiropractic care was headaches and severe scoliosis.  In the past I had never experienced chiropractic.  Since beginning treatments I have had a reduction in headaches and a reduced in my scoliosis from 30 degrees to 15 degrees.  My scoliosis was reduced remarkably.  I don’t have to wear a scoliosis brace. 

-Anonymous 9/18/09

I had an L4 and L5 disk that moved open ever now and then.  Then our senior building, Jack Blake Manor, had Dr. Mendez give a talk on chiropractic and Rehab and the rest is history.  I really didn’t have any bad moments or complaints but since experiencing chiropractic care I feel much better.  Knowing how your spinal cord corks and when they are out of place and what effect they can have on your body has been a benefit of chiropractic.  I received excellent care.  The office is very neat and clean. The staff is courteous and I have recommended other people to come here. 

-G. Elender 2-22-10

I just came for a regular check up and I found out that the required 45 degree curve wasn’t present at the neck.  I was also standing slanted to the left and always unaware of it.  I sometimes used to have limited movement at my neck and now I am surprised at how loose and free my spine feels.  It has definitely increased the movement of my neck and I feel a lot more relaxed after every visit.  I wasn’t aware that chiropractic care does influence your life in a postitive way to which I thank Dr. Mendez for educating me in that respect.  This is the first time I had ever come to a chiropractor.  I feel a lot more relaxed and stress free.  I could sleep better and my sinusitis doesn’t effect me as it used to before.  I think I will forget the dictionary meaning of “headaches” J  I am a relaxed and more active person, which I wasn’t before.  I always receive a warm welcome by Dr. Mendez which is what makes me feel a lot comfortable and at home.  It doesn’t give the impression of coming for a treatment.

-Vinuthua 2-22-10

I have had chronic migraines and back problems due to injuries from falls, being punched in my back, car accidents and other injuries and trauma in my life.  At it’s worse, I would take sick days from work and just lay in bed due to the pain from migraines or back pain.  I was unable to walk long distances or stand for long periods of time.  I was very skeptical or chiropractors due to an aunt.  I had physical theapy and was on medicine for migraines.  Since beginning chiropractic care I have been able to walk and stand, keep up with friends and exercise more.  Generally, I do a lot more things.  Also, I have a lot less migraines compared to what I used to have.  Due to being in less chronic pain, I am a much happier person. 


I had lower and center back pain as well as minor neck pain.  On a scale of 1 through 10 my back pain was an 8 on regular days.  On cold/rainy/snowy days he pain was a 10 + which caused a lack of sleep and mobility problems.  I used to think that chiropractic was a waste of time and money.  Before chiropractic I just tolerated the pain.  After chiropractic my back pain has reduced significantly.  Thanks to chiropractic I have better posture while sitting.  Now I don’t have to worry about being found hunched over while sitting due to pain. 

-K -2/22/10

Originally my interest was for prevention.  Since my current source of income is very physically intense at UPS.  I am one to seek out before it gets worse.  After my visit initially with Dr. Mendez, I was surprised to find more issues that I was not aware of in my neck.  I have had a good experience with chiropractic in the past, in combination therapy of holistic medicine and chiropractic care.  I have seen positive improvements in my outlook mentally and how I present myself.  My development post diagnosis has some time been dramatic such as my neck, then more subtle in other areas of my upper back.  In my position as a package sorter at UPS, my overall sort time per hours has improved greatly.  The office overall has a warm friendly environment and staff. 

-Michael 4-7-10



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